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Seasonal Insurance


“Our summer home is on Bay Lake but our agent was in Bloomington…”

If you’re like most people you pay your premiums year after year, not really knowing what is covered on your policy and perhaps even more important, what is not.


  Last summer’s windstorms were real eye-openers in terms of ferocity and also in revealing the insurance policy coverages. How did your policy stack-up? Was there adequate coverage on the boats, boat lifts, & satellite dishes? Did your policy pay for debris removal or the freezer contents? Many policy holders found out they were on their own with no agent to assist in adjusting the loss or to help by suggesting local laborers and contractors for clean-up and repairs.


  At the Christenson Agency, our seasonal homemaker’s package provides all the necessary coverages for your lake home or cabin. We also offer competitive rates for boats, motors, snowmobiles and ATVs. As an independent agent we literally “shop” our companies to provide the right coverage and price to fit your special needs and budget.


  Think of how easy it would be to do business with an agent on a first name basis, someone you can trust and is close by to deliver professional service even on weekends. We’ll take the time to explain the coverages, offer options, and you make the final decision.


  Before you pay your next premium, give us a call.